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For the third time I'm back looking at rdf. I'm now an addicted user of I began to get a little twitchy about the number of links I've saved, so I've been poking about in the API. The best I could come up with to grab the lot was the html interface. Thanks to John Cowan that converts to workable XML. Then what to do with it once it's in XML. I had to get rid of the doctype declaration and the use of quotes in the source, but nothing that XSLT couldn't hack. I soon generated a page or two of N3. The model is simple, and so far usable.

<> dc:title " / How to use RoboBraille"; rdfs:comment """ RoboBraille automates the translation of text documents into Braille and speech. The service is available free of charge to all non-commercial users."""; :tag "Braille", "translation".

cwm then runs it through to rdf.

One of my concerns is my random use of tags. I wanted to see what was redundant, what could be collated etc. Hence the thoughts of rdf again. I've seen collation of 'random' rdf so I'm heading for some reasoning over the data. I'm still unsure how to present it for human perusal.

I went looking for tools, and other than being a few versions later than last time I looked, there didn't appear to be much movement. I installed Jena and ARQ to have a look at sparql. After an hour or two of playing I've a command line option and a Java program to run queries. Chimezie helped with the sparql. Not exactly intuitive. Is it SQL based? I'll need to play more, but I feel I have some tools to use.

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