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I guess I should push my xsl-fo book, available from O'Reilly via your favourite bookshop.

Nist website. Within these pages, you will find lists of semantic requirements (SRs) that we have created from reading the candidate recommendation. It is anticipated that these will aid us in determining whether we have proper coverage within the XSL-FO test suite. Thus far, we have created SR's for the basic properties, the area model, and the refinement/resolution sections of the spec. Please review and forward your comments.

Jim Harris also pointed out:

Milos Nic's reference page turns to XSL-FO, another of Milos detailed pages.

Using XSL Formatting Objects

This article presents the features of Formatting Objects (FO) as they are applied when transforming slide XML files (validated using the Slides DTD) to FO. The features correspond to the features supported by the current version of the Apache FO-to-PDF project (FOP).

James Tauber's "Formatting Object to PDF (FOP) Translator, now an Apache project

Robin Cover's Cover Page on XSL-FO has many (hundreds?) links [aside: What doesn't he cover well !]

and searching for "Formatting Objects" on yields 100 hits, notably future work

Ch 15 of XML Bible (61 printed pages!)

Article, "Using XSL Formatting Objects" by J. David Eisenberg January 17, 2001 two parts:part 1and part 2.